Guests are Welcome

January 16th Program

Terrie will give a trunk show on her Melt-n-Blend technique using crayons on Fabric.  Over time she perfected the technique and created some colorful patterns writing the book “Creative Quilts from your Crayon box”.  Please check out her web site.

January 18th Class Description

Terrie will teach you the. basics of using Crayola crayons on fabric.  In addition, she will also demonstrate her new techniques for coloring on fabric and help as you practice them in class.  With Terrie’s techniques you will be able to get brighter, smoother results as you color.  You will also learn to give dimension and interest to your projects using Terrie’s simple guidelines for shading.

Check out Terrie on u-tube

Class fee’s $30.00 for EVQ members and $50.00 for guests.   Please contact to register for class.