2019-2020 Board of Directors

President: Heidi Lindsey

2019-2020 President
Heidi Lindsey

Hello! I am Heidi Lindsey. I’ve been a member of EVQ for about 20 years. I enjoy all aspects of the quilt-making process, except for laying out the quilt sandwich for basting. That is what I call Quilter’s Yoga. It’s a workout! I especially like to reduce a pattern and make a miniature version of a larger quilt. Often when I’m making a quilt, I think to myself, “Wouldn’t this be cute small?!” Then I get out the graph paper and start designing the miniature version.

  Besides quilting, I also dabble in card-making and beading. My husband and I enjoy downhill skiing, boating, hiking, and camping. We love the outdoors and are thankful for what we have in Oregon. It’s a beautiful place to call home!
Vice-President: Gayle Freeman
2019-2020 Vice-President
Gayle Freeman

I’ve been a fabric collector for a very long time, and my husband accuses me of being a hoarder. He’s probably right. I started making quilts in the late 1970s. I joined EVQ in 2007 and was immediately recruited to work on a committee. I’ve done several jobs since then and am presently the Vice President of the Guild. My husband’s grandmother was a prolific quilter and she started me on this creative art. I don’t have a specific pattern, color, or technique that I enjoy. I will do almost anything that I fall in love with. But don’t expect it very soon as I am probably the slowest quilt maker that I know! I’m a devoted Oregon Duck lover and love green and yellow

I have been married to Rich for almost 41 years, and we have Ian and Morgan, our son and daughter-in-law. They currently live in Oklahoma but will soon be moving to Pittsburgh. My husband’s parents are in their late 80s and we do our best to care for them. We inherited Kenna, a Canaan dog, at Christmas in 2018. Canaans are the national dog of Israel. Since we’ve never had a dog, this is a challenge for we aged ones!
Secretary: Lisa Allard
2019-2020 Secretary
Lisa Allard
My mother bought me my first sewing machine when I was eight years old but I did not start quilting until 1996. My first quilt was paper pieced tulips -it looks exactly like the picture in the book, has pencil marks that won’t wash out, is quilted terribly, and it is still one of my most cherished quilts. Quilting has become a bit of a family affair. My mother and sister are my staunchest supporters and best sewing partners a girl could ever have. My favorite method is machine applique (LED light boards rule and I still can’t sew a straight line) and I love flora and fauna. I call myself a colorist since color and pattern are my favorite things about quilting. If I don’t have at least forty different fabrics in a quilt, it isn’t colorful enough for me. I hope to continue to quilt flowers, trees, houses, and animals for many years to come.
Treasurer: Peg de Montmorency
2019-2020 Treasurer
Peg De Montmorency
Hi, my name is Peg and I am currently the EVQ treasurer.  I started sewing
when I was 13.  I needed skating costumes for competitions and my mother
said I would have to make them myself.
I didn’t start quilting until 1994.  My husband, Chuck, and I went to an
Amish show in San Diego, thinking we would enjoy the woodworking.  Instead,
we discovered the quilts.  What an inspiration!  We fell in love with one
specific quilt, but could not afford it.  So I blithely told him that I knew
how to sew and could certainly learn to quilt.  It’s been quite a ride.
I joined the Guild somewhere around 2000 and have enjoyed the various
classes and workshops I have attended over the years.  Not just the
learning, but especially the companionship.  I enjoy learning new
techniques.  My latest was English Paper Piecing.  String piecing is
currently on my bucket list.
Membership: Mindy Reeves 
Newsletter: Sheron Bradley
Programs & Workshops: Cheryl Brewer and Patrice Baker
2019-2020 Programs & Workshops
Cheryl Brewer
Cheryl Brewer
I learned to sew when I was around 12 when I took a home ec class in the summer.  I made a few things, but didn’t really start sewing until I had kids.
I decided to make my daughters Halloween costumes when my oldest daughter was four.  Beauty and the Beast had just come out and she wanted to be Belle ( the pattern wasn’t even out yet).  So, I tried my best to make her a dress fit for Belle.  I saw everything I did wrong.  When I gave it to her she said “ you’ve made all of my dreams come true!” Ok, how can you stop sewing when they tell you that?  I continued to sew a lot of their clothes for years, but a friend was interested in quilting.  Being a good friend I dabbled a bit in quilting but soon needed  to go  back to work. Quilting  was on the back burner  until I retired a year ago.  As soon as I retired, I joined EVQ.
I am enjoying learning different techniques, and I haven’t decided yet what I like best.
2019-2020 Programs & Workshops
Patrice Baker
Patrice Baker
My name is Patrice and I have been quilting for 7 years. Before that I couldn’t work a sewing machine let alone sew two pieces of fabric together. I enjoy quilting for a cause! I am into many different styles of quilting, but applique has caught my fancy lately. I am an advid dachshund lover and participate in dog shows, field trials and obedience. Heck, sometimes I prefer dogs to people!
Challenge/Block of The Month: Karen Klemme & Sandie Massett
2019-2020 Challenge
Block of the Month
Karen Klemme 

Karen Klemme

I began sewing at about the age of 8 on my mother’s Singer Featherweight making doll clothes. At 12, I enrolled in a “summer school” sewing class at the Jr. High School and continued sewing clothing until I took my first quilting class in 1976 – before the days of Olfa cutters!  I subscribed to a quilting newsletter that was actually printed using a mimeograph machine!  Oh dear, those were the days!  But it wasn’t until I moved to Oregon in the mid 1990’s with my five sons that I started quilting using their old Levi jeans.  When I moved to Coburg in 2004, I moved right next door to a quilter involved with the Coburg Quilt Show.  She invited me to join the committee – and I was hooked on quilts!  I started making non-denim quilts and have probably made about 60 so far – I have 2 that I’ve kept for myself, all the others were made as gifts for family and friends, for charities, raffle quilts, or were sold.

Please see Sandie Massett photo/quilting journey under RESOURCES/PUBLICITY

Community Service:  (Chair)Pamela Reim, Marilyn Collis, Sherry Galloway and Lela Moore
2019-2020 Community Service Chair 
Pamela Reim
I guess some of us just have textiles in our blood.  By age 8 I was sewing doll clothes & by age 12 clothes for myself. Always loved most crafts, even had my own business, Folkline Designs, selling macrame windchimes & accessories to stores & on the beach in Santa Barbara.  I began quilting in 1999 & have been collecting fabric ever since! I added a longarm in 2005.  I enjoy plays, my garden & quilt hops. Community Service has been a great way to interact more with EVQ members & our local community organizations. It is a true joy to help make & deliver quilts and teddy bears to provide some comfort to those in difficult situations.
2019-2020 Community Service
Lela Moore
Lela Moore
I started sewing before kindergarten.  One of my fondest memories is of the front porch of our house learning to sew with a needle and any scrap of fabric I could get my hands on.  My dad brought home a treadle sewing machine.  My mother was born blind, so Dad was my teacher.   I got good at it, so when I was  10 he bought an electric  “Singer Slantomatic”.  I was in heaven.  When he took me for the free lessons they were not thrilled to have a child in class, but they quickly realized I was an “old soul” who could really sew.!!!  My first quilt was for my first child (50 years ago). I didn’t have much time or money for quilting back then. My interest took off when at work 40 years ago, we had to discard discontinued design samples of fabrics.  Some almost a yard. That’s is when my fabric addiction started.
Historian/Photographer: Glenna Jordan
2019-2020N Historian/Photographer
Glenna Jordan

Glenna Jordon

I’ve been a member of the Emerald Valley Quilter’s Guild for 2 years. Although my first quilt was completed in 2012, I’ve really only been a productive quilter since retirement – three years ago. I have learned so much from the classes I’ve taken at the guild and from my fellow quilters in Laura Lowe’s satellite group. I particularly enjoy paper-piecing, but  am always excited to learn new skills. I am a retired elementary school teacher and moved to Eugene with my husband and dog 3 years ago. The beauty of the mountains and trees of Oregon never ceases to amaze me. I love the fabulous hiking, cycling trails and walks on the Oregon beaches.
Hospitality: Ken Casey
2019-2020 Hospitality Chair
Ken Casey

Ken Casey is a native of Phoenix and has been quilting for about 30 years now.  He grew up making articles of clothing for himself and others, even entering a few clothing construction contests in high school and worked in the fabric department of a Phoenix area department store.

In his quilting journey, he spent a few summers at Quilt Camp in the Pines in Flagstaff, has taken classes from many internationally known teachers and further developed his skills. He is also a certified instructor for AnglePlay Templates.  He LOVES to play with color and use unexpected combinations. He likes to challenge himself to try new techniques as often as he can.

Intra-guild:(Chair) Michelle Marroquin, Nancy Sucamele and Sheila Bess
2019-2020 Intraguild Chair
Michelle Marroquin
I learned how to sew from my Mom and received a sewing machine for my 8th grade graduation present.
In 1999, I suffered a miscarriage and wanted to honor that little life.  I went on to make 3,000 quilts for LifeLine of Hope, Kalispell MT, for orphans around the world. The 3,000 quilts filled 2 railroad containers.  Now I’m a organizer for the Quilts of Hope NICU at Riverbend.
2019-2020 Intraguid Chair
Nancy Sucamele
My Mom taught me how to sew when I was 9 years old, plus I had home education in middle school through high school.  Textile class in college.
Early garments for my kids included a dinosaur costume which I still have an a snow white costume .  I started making quilts with comfort for children and now I’m doing quilts for the NICU for the past seven years.

Librarians: Judy Coats & Arlene Kuebler

2019-2020 Librarian Chair
Judy Coats

In high school I learned to sew in Home Economics class.  I remember making the required gusset in the underarm seam vowing that I would never sew again! I never understood why the gusset was required when you will never use that skill!  Shortly after I was married, I inherited a little money from my grandmother, and purchased my first sewing machine. I knew it was something that I would use in her honor.   I started sewing clothes and home goods. Later I had two daughters, I begin to sew their clothes.  As they grew older, I made prom dresses and eventually bridesmaid dresses for our daughter’s wedding. Now I have the joy of making clothes for my two granddaughters. I always loved quilts and cherish the two hand sewn quilts made by each one of my grandmothers. I wanted to learn how to sew my own quilts, so I took my first quilt class at Jean Maries. This led to another class and then another, etc. I joined EVQ around 1990 and the rest as they say is history.  I enjoy all the wonderful quilts and the friends you meet through quilting.  I love being in a Satellite group, that meets every week, it expands my quilting and each of these quilters has become a cherished friend.

2019-2020 Librarian
Arlene Kuebler

As a quilter since 1998 I enjoy all aspects of quilting and have pushed myself to make more complicated blocks, both pieced and paper pieced. Currently making small (tiny) blocks is proving to be both challenging and very satisfying.

As a member of EVQ since 2004, I  have served on Quilt Show committees helping with the inventory one year, and with the Demonstrations for two consecutive quilt shows.  Last year I co-chaired the EVQ Block of The Month with Diane Barfield, and this year I am having fun  co-chairing the Library with Judy Coats.  I also belong to the EVQ Strippers satellite group that meets at Our Sewing Room. 

Being involved has been fun and to quote many, many, many, other members, “ it is a great way to meet other members”. I have learned so much from our speakers, from members, and from classes including school house, and retreats. As a result I have been able to not only start many quilts and wall hangings, but actually also finish many, (not all), but many and look forward to continue learning and enjoying the people at EVQ.

Parliamentarian: Gayle Decker
2019-2020 Parliamentarian
Gayle Decker
I’m Gayle Decker and have the privilege of being Parliamentarian for the last year and a half. I started quilting in 1974. A group of friends got together and hand quilted our quilt tops at the Lane County Museum. Later I worked at fabric stores or departments and was able to make a lot of quilt samples for them. I will admit that my quilting really took off when the rotary cutter and mat were invented. Most of the quilts that I’ve made have gone to my daughter and her family. It is like visiting old friends when I go visit them.
I am fortunate to have a sewing room where I can keep my machine up all of the time and have storage, a cutting surface and an ironing station. My only roadblocks to getting things done are two cats who want to help. My favorite thing about the Guild is the great variety of talents and interests that my fellow members exhibit. They keep me inspired
Quilt Show 2020: (Chair)Laura Lowe and (Co-Chair) Linda O’Bryant
Raffle Quilt Construction: Ken Casey and Mindy Reeves
Raffle Ticket Sales: Patty Sombs
2019-2020 Raffle Quilt Ticket Sales
Patty Sombs
Hi my name is Patty.
This is the 5th year that I have served as Raffle Ticket Sales Chairperson – a position I enjoy very much
because it allows me to get to know new and current guild members better.
I started quilting at age 53 after taking a trip to Pennsylvania Amish country touring 
quilt shops, museums and private quilt shops on Amish home sites. I came home and enrolled 
in a beginning quilt class at Something To Crow About Quilt Shop.
Current Guild President Heidi Lindsey and my sister Pam were also big influences in my choice to learn to quilt.
I am a retired Registered Nurse. I worked for Sacred Heart as a Float Pool Nurse.
My other hobbies include creating functional items with blanket wool such as rotary cutter and scissor cases and
I enjoy hand and crayon embroidery.
I challenge myself to learn new things and techniques to hopefully keep myself from developing Alzheimers
which my Dr. says I am high risk for since suffering an acquired brain injury related to a brain tumor.
I have been married to my husband Tom for 23 years and we have 4 grown children – a daughter and 3 sons.
Several of our children’s friends have also lived with us over the years.
I also love to garden and travel the beautiful US.
Resources/Publicity Chair: Sandie Massett
2019-2020 Resources/Publicity Chair
Sandie Massett

I come from a military family and have lived across the states but I consider Eugene my home because I’ve live here longer than any place…twenty one years! What a beautiful spot on this Earth! I am happily married to a wonderful guy, we have a son and the most darling granddaughter

I started sewing in the second grade with the influence of my grandmother.  I started quilting in 1981, and I would say that  traditional is my favorite style  of quilting but I don’t limit myself.  I just bought a longarm and I can tell you it’s an adventure and a whole new experience that I’m enjoying. I’ve been an EVQ member for twenty fun years and have met many lovely people and have made many friends. Quilting is a beautiful art in many ways

Retreat 2019: (Chair) Nancy Sharp and (Co-Chair) Teri Harter
Satellite Chair: Bev Harrison
2019-2020 Satellite Chair
Bev Harrison
 Bev Harrison
If I don’t sew, I get very cranky!!  When I was 14 I discovered that sewing was my great de-stressor and I have been quilting for the last 35 years.  I’m pretty traditional in my tastes, but getting more and more intrigued by modern quilt designs.  I am easily bored by making the same block over and over again, so I enjoy scrappy quilts.   I particularly love paper piecing, but don’t shy away from applique.  And I am a longarm quilter who loves to hand quilt too!  Art quilts baffle me because I prefer to follow patterns although I almost never do one verbatim…I like to add my own touches.  I have been in EVQ since 2000, and have served on many committees as well as President.  I belong to 4 satellite groups and three quilt groups, because I think it’s lots more fun to sew in a group than all by myself.  I like to teach what I have learned and it’s inspiring to see what others are doing with quilt designs, techniques, colors and fabrics.
Secret Pals: Laura Lowe
Travel Club: Linda O’Bryant
Webmaster: Laura Lowe
2019-2020 Webmaster
Laura Lowe
 Laura Lowe
I started quilting when I was about 9 months old, ok I sat on my moms lap while she quilted quilts on a frame for McKenzie Willamette Hospital childrens unit.  I made my first quilt in 1976 for my first niece.  I am married to my amazing husband, George who is a fabraholic!  No, he doesn’t quilt but loves surprising  the quilters in our family with fabrics. We enjoy camping (the RV kind), our visits to Hawaii and spending time with our family.  We have nine grandchildren, and love spending time with them and being active in their lives.  Our daughter Mindy started quilting about nine years ago after I suggested she think about quilting and look in the studio as one day it would be her inheritance. Our daughter-in-law, Kimmy has made her first quilt, so exciting to see her take interest. I love making Judy Niemeyer patterns, collecting Tula Pink Fabric, making collage quilts, I love Laura Heine patterns.  I have recently found my self submerged in a love with Bonnie & Camille fabrics.  I love long arm quilting and helping others show their piecing work off.  I have two long arms and some days it’s pretty noisy in the studio. I have served on the EVQ board as Secretary, Programs and Workshops and most recently the 2017-2019 guild President.  I am currently the webmaster, and excited about it.  Keep checking out the web, I have some new features coming up later this summer.