Block of the Month

Attention Emerald Valley Quilters…  If you would like to participate in Block of The Month  (BOTM)  please mail or drop off your blocks along with your name and address clearly written on a piece of paper with the blocks to Sandie Massett or Karen Klemme.  Please email for mailing addresses.
 The name of the lucky winner is in the monthly newsletter.  Your winning blocks will be given to you by mail or by other arrangements.
Quilt On, Sandie and Karen
2021 Blocks of the Month
    Here is a help tip for making yo-yos

2020 Blocks of the Month

April BOTM 2020

May BOTM 2020

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Meet Sandie and Karen  the Chairs of the Block of The Month, if you have any questions please contact them at

Once a month a new Challenge block for EVQ members is placed in our newsletter. The instructions and rules to make the block or blocks if you wish to make more than one are listed with a picture of the design. When members go to our meetings they take their block or blocks to the BOTM table and receive a numbered ticket for each block submitted.  Later in the evening a ticket drawing is held and the winner receives all the blocks that were submitted that evening. The month listed on the title of the page is the month the block will have the ticket drawn. It’s  really fun to see what everyone comes up with and sometimes you even learn something new.

Please join us in our May Block of The Month.  Click on the link and make one, two or more blocks. For each block you turn in at the May general meeting you will have an opportunity to win all the blocks turned in.  Please click on the link for instructions for the May block.

Please click on the link for instructions to make the Blocks of The Month.


2019 Blocks of the Month

April 2019 BOTM

 May 2019 BOTM

May 2019 Block of the Month winner.
Karen Klemme

June 2019 BOTM

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