Satellite Groups

Numerous small “satellite groups” have spun off from EVQ. Close camaraderie develops in these small groups and mentoring is a great benefit for members. Watch for sign-up and information sheets provided by the Satellite Group Coordinator.

A Satellite Group often begins with two or more quilters who live fairly near to each other or who can meet at a mutually convenient time. Sometimes a group forms of quilters of similar ages and experience, sometimes a common style of quilting interests folks enough to form a group to learn or practice it. Some groups meet weekly in one member’s home, or in a larger location central to most of the members, and some groups meet irregularly. Other features of a Satellite group could be

  • meeting every week except Guild night or Board Meeting night – meeting on a day convenient to potential group members –
  • or even meeting once a month exchanging monthly blocks, birthday blocks, or other special reason blocks – or nothing at all
  • challenge quilt opportunities for themselves in the categories they choose
  • regularly or occasionally make quilts for fundraising, community service, or other causes meet to quilt on own projects or on other people’s projects
  • gather for one hour at a time – or for two or three hours
  • plan inexpensive quilting retreats – excuses for “quilt till you wilt” weekends away and of course, refreshments.