Satellite Groups

EVQ Satellite Groups

A satellite group is a small group of quilters who have a particular goal, process or reason for meeting.  Satellite groups offer members an opportunity to form closer friendships, share ideas, work together on individual or group projects, learn new techniques, etc., in a smaller environment than the monthly guild meeting, which can be pretty impersonal.  Most satellite groups meet at least once a month, often twice a month, and sometimes, weekly.  The Satellite Group committee keeps track of current satellite groups and serves as a hub for information on groups that are open to new members, special interests, activities, etc.

 Other features of a Satellite group could be

  • meeting every week except Guild night or Board Meeting night – meeting on a day convenient to potential group members –
  • or even meeting once a month exchanging monthly blocks, birthday blocks, or other special reason blocks – or nothing at all
  • challenge quilt opportunities for themselves in the categories they choose
  • regularly or occasionally make quilts for fundraising, community service, or other causes meet to quilt on own projects or on other people’s projects
  • gather for one hour at a time – or for two or three hours
  • plan inexpensive quilting retreats – excuses for “quilt till you wilt” weekends away and of course, refreshments.

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