Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger Hunt

Update:  We had 19 members participate in the scavenger hunt.  I thank those that played and hope you had fun.  I appreciated the comments and suggestions to better our website as well

Laura Lowe

The winner of a tote and pillow kit, including threads is Barbara Roberts.   Barbara has a lucky winner streak.  She won the sewing machine  at the 2017 EVQ retreat.   Congratulations Barbara.

The question about the library book was very confusing, as the lowland did different things on different computers.  The correct answer was Jenny Pedigo, Curves.  

Barbara Roberts
Prize donated by Laura Lowe
Pillow kit by Kimberbelle


pillow kit

Please join in on our first EVQ website scavenger hunt.  “Clues” are listed below, now the hunt begins. The rules are simple, and those that find all seven clues and send the answers and what tab you found them under and you will be entered into a random drawing for a quilting related prize package.

The rules are simple.

  • Website:
  • Hunt starts July 15th the items to look for will be posted no earlier than the 15th and will be under Scavenger Hunt page.
  • Email what page you found the clues to no later than July 22nd.
  • Those that complete the hunt will be entered in the random drawing.
  • Drawing will take place on July 23rd. The winner will be posted on the Scavenger Hunt webpage

If you have any questions please contact Laura Lowe, Webmaster


  1. Who started quilting using old Levi jeans in the 1990’s?  Under what tab did you find the answer?
  2. What is the item that will be swapped on the next web/Facebook Swap?  Under what tab did you find the answer?
  3. In 2018 how many quilts were delivered to various organizations?  Under what tab did you find the answer?
  4. Who shared their quilt that has 5 Llamas surrounded by beautiful blocks? Under what page did you find the answer?
  5. What is the book title and author on line # 394?  Under what tab did you find the answer?
  6. EVQ is going to have a first time event and the first clue is released on August 15th.  What is the event?  Under what tab did you find the answer?
  7. April Reser made a beautiful quilt at the 2019 mini retreat held at Our Sewing Room.  What are the primary colors of her quilt?

Have fun, and please look around out website. Does something need change?  Would you like to see something added? If you have suggestions please let Webmaster, Laura Lowe know.