EVQ’s first WEB mystery quilt


We hope you will join EVQ’s first Web mystery quilt.  What’s a mystery quilt you ask?  A mystery quilt is a quilting activity in which you do not know what the “pattern” looks like, follow the clues and end up with an amazing quilt.  It’s fun to hear guesses of what the quilt might be. We would love those who join in to post what they think it might be on the EVQ Facebook page, or email them to Laura Lowe and they will be posted on the Mystery Quilt webpage.   The quilt size is under 70”. You can use your stash, scraps or visit your favorite local quilt shop for some new fabrics.

The first clue will be the fabric, colors and some cutting requirements they will be posted on the web August 15th.  You can find some sneak peaks on the Web and on EVQ’s Facebook page already.

Clues will be posted on the EVQ Webpage each Tuesday starting on September 1st.   The mystery quilt will be under 6 clues including the cutting requirements as the first clue.

If you do not have access to the web for the clues, please contact Laura and we can make other arrangements.

  • If you plan to participate or have any questions please contact Laura at 541-954-8455 (text ok, please include your name, so I know whom is texting) or at Lauralee326@gmail.com

August 15, 2020

Please read Clue 1 first of the documents linked below, as it will give you a better understanding of the other three documents attached.  Be care and choose your option carefully.

Housekeeping….. I have obtained the pattern designers permission to use this pattern and divide it up into steps (clues) that are different than the original.  I would like to thank Mindy Reeves for her hard work writing these documents, figuring out the scrap/FQ options.


EVQ Website Mystery 2020_Clue 1

EVQ Website Mystery 2020_Yardage Requirements

EVQ Website Mystery 2020_Scrap Requiremen

If you printed the Fat Quarter instructions before 2 pm on 8-15, you will need to reprint as a “cut and paste” was used from one of the other options.   New one will be uploaded ASAP

This is the updated Fat Quarter Instruction.

EVQ Website Mystery 2020_Fat Quarter Requirements_

Ken Casey has been kind enough to make us “Labels” to keep our fabrics in order.  He has given permission to share.  I am positive you will find these very helpful.  Thank you Ken

EVQ 2020 Mystery Quilt Fabric Labels


Start your sewing machines……. Here is Clue 2, It’s not September 1st, but I thought I would surprise you and give you an early start.

Please note that at the beginning of the clue, it clearly lists which pieces you will be using during clue 2.    

Have fun, and let me know if you need help.  Please continue to share photos.

EVQ Website Mystery 2020_Clue 2

       (Posted August 29th, 2020)


Happy Labor Day!   Here is Clue 3.   Have fun

EVQ Website Mystery 2020_Clue



If you are using “Fat Quarters” please read carefully

If you have cut Fabrics K and L into 6 1/4 X 4 1/8 rectangles we have found a copy and pasted error.  We have several options and it can be an easy fix.   I would like to personally help you correct this, so please contact me.  We will need your A, B, C, D, K and L fabrics.  I apologize, but we do have a work around.


On that note, please find clue 4 below.  Have fun.  This is our final piecing clue as Clue 5 are instructions on putting it together

EVQ Website Mystery 2020_Clue 4

Posted Monday, September 14, 2020




Mystery Questions and Answers

  1. On the FQ cutting option fabric K and L say cut 6 1/4 X 4 1/8 squares.  Squares is a typo, they are rectangles.
  2.  Fabric E should be a fabric that is different than your other backgrounds.  Light solids or reads as solids works well.  A “high” contrast from all of your other fabrics will work well too.
  3. Can C and D backgrounds be the same. Yes, but they both need to be different than E.
  4. Can I use fewer coordinates?  If you want to use fewer fabrics a great spot would be with A, B, H, I, K, M & N.   I would make A & B’s the same  fabric, K & L’s a different same fabric from A & B, H & I another different same color and M & N, another same color.  Remember to make sure you have contrast.
  5. Can I mix fabric requirements from fabric options, scrap option and Fat Quarter options?  Each of them have been written separately, to make the process as easily as possible.  If you choose to change anything, please figure your math carefully to assure you you have the correct cuts.
  6. Do I have to be a member to participate in the mystery?  Anyone is welcome to join, we love when our fellow quilters join us.

Gallery of fabric selections.  I hope you find inspiration in others selections.

August 17, 2020

I will start posting questions and answers that have come up about the mystery.  It will be located directly under the PDF’s  of instructions.  Under Mystery Questions and Answers.


August 14, 2020

Tomorrow….tomorrow….is only a day away!

I am in Sisters for a fun few days of quiet time and some sewing.  I found myself finding new material to make another mystery quilt.  I think I must be liking the quilt.   We will have the clues up by mid-afternoon.   Please remember ,I would love you to post on our Facebook group or send me pictures of your fabric selections.    Goodnight…. the fun starts tomorrow.



August 7, 2020

Only eight days until the first “clue” will be posted.  It is exciting we have so many interested in joining.   I finished “my version” of the mystery quilt top today, Whew, it all works!  I seriously want to make another one tomorrow!!  Yikes!  Even my husband likes how it came out.  I doubted myself on one of my “contrast” fabrics when I was choosing fabrics, and it ended up being the perfect fabric and gives it that fun pop.  

I would like to address a few questions members are asking.   This quilt is for all levels.   “Clues” are not actual “clues” that you have to figure out. The “clues” will be actual instructions, such as cut (5) 2 1/4 strips by WOF or use (9) 3 inch squares of high contrast to make a nine patch (make 8).   We have not said the “exact” size, but it will be less than 300 total inches.  You are always welcome to ask questions, you can email me at Lauralee326@gmail.com of post the question on the EVQ Facebook page.

Contrast….contrast…. say what? What is contrast?  You might find these links interesting to read.

Choosing Fabric-the importance of contrast


Why contrast matters when choosing colors for your quilt


Understand contrast and value of fabrics-All people


How to choose fabrics for your quilt- U-tube


August 2, 2020

Testing continued this weekend and Mindy and I are excited to see the mystery quilt come together.  Your are welcome to start “thinking” about fabrics, but the number of fabrics and how much of each will not be released until August 15th. We hope you will join in on the fun, and don’t worry you won’t be alone, we will help you.   Here are some teasers that show what we are thinking about high contrast.

Contrast example 1


Contrast example 2